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The situation of children living in Mitaboni (Machakos County-Kenya) prompted us to  start Agape Mitaboni Academy (Agape Children Centre Self Help Group - CCSHG). We want to make a real   change and to impact positively on the lives of vulnerable   children. We have a holistic approach in our work, Thus this   project will seek as well to prepare the children for their   future life. We intend to involve many stakeholders and the   community in the project.

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Agape Kenya offers volunteer opportunities throughout the year.

We encourage volunteers from all over the world ,professionals and non professionals,old and young ,men and women to come and support us. 

Volunteers get involved in the following areas: Sports, Medical Check Ups, Cooking & Teaching, Serving Food to children, Washing Utensils..

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Agape Mitaboni  is a registered Community Based School in the Republic of Kenya. Offering Education to the children of Mitaboni.

The organization was founded in 2013, with support from people who were committed to confront the social challenges facing local community. 

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Agape Mitaboni Academy (ACCSHG)

P.O.Box 37713 - 00100 Nairobi

Tel: +254  721 528 729

Email: agapeacademy254@gmail.com