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Thank you for your donation.

Donate to Support a Child Get Education in Kenya 

Today millions of children are getting affected by the war, poverty, and diseases and illnesses which are affecting their lives badly; even they are deprived from enjoying the basic rights as well including right to education, right to live among many other rights that are negatively affecting their growth. There is nothing more important than protecting the rights of children and ensure that their rights are respected and take care properly. Among many counties, Kenya face poverty and drought and thousands of children are at risk of hunger, malnutrition and sickness across the entire country and need extended help from others who can donate to support a child get education. More than 43% of people in Kenya live in poverty and the devastating food crisis is forcing families to migrate to other places in search of food and water

There are many volunteer and aid worker organizations in the country that are helping children in order to offer basic resources to them that can make their life easier. Kenya’s government faces huge challenges in handling poverty which is growing at an increasing speed, massive unemployment and corruption, even the HIV and AIDS pandemic are posing serious threat to Kenya. At this point of time, your donation can actually help the communities to deal with the problems, your kind donation or help can help children who are struggling in poverty to get rid of it and have a secured future ahead. Many children living in the rural areas and slums of Kenya face a lot of difficulty and are unable to get even the basic resources as well that is important for their existence. At Agape Academy we aimed at help such vulnerable children to overcome with these challenges and your help can help us in getting closer to our dream of helping maximum number of children in the nation.

If a child is given quality education from the beginning only, the world will certainly grow up in peace. All those individuals who want to take part in this noble cause can show their interest to Agape Academy, which is a community based School located Kenya offering Education, Food, and medical healthcare services to thousands of children. When you donate to support a child gets education you are not just helping one child, in fact you are making improvements that will give benefits to the their families as well. You can be assured that your donations will be used toward providing the education that every child should have in order to become an asset for the society.


If the children are providing education, they have the potential to make a lot of difference towards their future and towards the development of the country as a whole. So take a step ahead by helping others who want your help!!




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