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Don’t Miss a Chance of Dental Opportunity in Kenya

Volunteering is social work, people choose it by own decision without any mean as well as appreciated by your family & friends. In human life, everyone life who exists in the world deserves one smile. You can assist the people in various volunteering way but dental & therapy volunteering is different rest of others. In Kenya, thousands of underprivileged people & children are lack of fortune because no basic health facilities are available that why Kenya, Africa has faced the many epidemics. To avoid these threads, many NGOs, local government agencies, WHO (World health organization) run the programs to prevent the effect of these diseases.

Dental Volunteering is an amazing opportunity for medical professionals such as dentistry, dental students, dental assistants, etc. It can engage in providing dental treatment, assisting a dentist or be a part of the oral disease prevention program. In the underprivileged & slum areas, there are so many people are facing the oral problems, due to lack of awareness every year so many people become died by oral cancer and other issues. To avoid these kinds of issues, well trained dental professionals love to participate in different types of dental volunteer programs that are organized to consider the condition of these areas. The agape academy runs volunteer programs to improve the quality of people's life. If you do not belong to the dental background but you have willing to work the dentist you can assist them as a dental assistant or maintain the data of patients who visit the camps. 

Some basic things you can do as a volunteer

Oral related diseases have emerged as a giant problem in a couple of years. Helping children in school to provide sufficient education about oral health like how to prevent the oral problem in our daily routine and how to brush their teeth properly. If any patient has toothache provide immediate pain relief treatments and other daily routine tasks could be dressing wounds, taking patient history, counseling patients, encourage them for a healthy life and moral support to the patient family, holding babies while a patient is being treated, other support to staff. As well as if you interested in volunteering your skills as a Therapist you have amazing Therapy volunteer opportunities in Kenya to develop your therapy skills with the African people.

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