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Teaching Volunteer Program in Kenya 

Kenya is always looking for those people who have the desire to do something for needy people or children. From teaching any subject to giving a donation for the school building, you can participate in various volunteering programs. Have a chance to be a role model for the future generation of Kenya, Joining the teaching volunteer in Kenya is an amazing way to assist with teaching skills of different subjects to needy students of elementary and high schools. It not important you are skilled or not, Agape Academy has a vast range of projects related to different volunteer opportunities such as feeding to poor children, teaching to needy people or children, healthcare services, etc. There are various subjects you can teach like English, mathematics, science, geography, physical education, art, and music. It needs to consider that the holidays in a school of Kenya are yearly scheduled in April, August and the end of November and December and no school teaching opportunity will be available during this certain period of time. During this period volunteers can participate in other youth programs and orphanages. During the teaching volunteer program in Kenya, volunteers can teach the classes on their own or assist the current staff and teachers. At the teaching placement, volunteers will get the ultimate lifetime experience of teaching. 

Agape academy distributed the various running teaching programs to volunteers who are assisting the Kenyan students according to their capabilities. If a volunteer project is related to English subject teaching, they can work with the staff English teachers as well as they can help students for improving the pronunciation and conversational skills. They can include their ideas in the classroom and make study fun. 

Various Volunteer roles and responsibilities 

Helping students for improving the vocabulary of the students.

Manage the schedule of the school.

Implementation of new ideas of teaching methods.

Helps to conduct the tests & exams.

Program Requirements: For joining a teaching volunteer program candidates must be 17 years or older as well as participate should have an open mind and able to work in a different environment. Someone who is proactive and passionate about working with children has always welcomed in Kenya. Teaching volunteer opportunities is one of the greatest ways to explore Kenya vacations. You can be a witness of unmatched & spectacular nature sceneries & waterfalls, beaches, dense forests, etc.

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