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Support Us


At Agape Academy, we help those who cannot help themselves. Those who did not chose to be a vulnerable child. Who would not have no education without our help.

Feel free to help us to help them, and help more of them. No one has ever become poor by giving.

You can use the donation form of this website or contact us by email for more information. We guarantee that your donation is used for our school children.

Please inform us by email on your donation and we will be happy to provide you feedback on the safe receipt and the use of it. If you want to donate for a special purpose or if you want to take care of the school fees of a child for a time period, please contact us.

If you travel to Kenya and you want to visit our School, we are available to discuss it with you and help you to arrange it.

Asanti sana !

How you can help

There is lots you can do for Us

a)  Sponsor a child for 1(one) school year $500 per year or more (Full high school years=4yrs)

b)  Sponsor a girl child for 1(one) school year $650 per year or more

c)  Donate to the library/Stationery, medical & feeding support.

d)  Become involved by being a volunteer - Help in Sports, Medical Check Ups, Cooking & Teaching, Serving Food to children, Washing Utensils and being a fund raiser.

e) Build a Classroom -  You can help us in buying materials to build classrooms to enable us accommodate more students.

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