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About Us

Agape Mitaboni Academy is a registered Community Based School in Kenya. Offering Education,Food,and medical healthcare to children and Christian values to children and surrounding community. The organization was founded in 2013, with support from people who were committed to confront the social challenges facing local community. They encountered endless stories of abused, neglected and exploited children in the area.Agape is located in rural Kenya.

We have children from Age 3 to Age 14 (Kindergarten and Primary Education). 

Agape Academy Mitaboni provides a family like environment for the children during their schooling hours. 


We aspire to see vulnerable children living a fully dignified life.


Our mission is to provide ,physical, medical, psychological, educational and spiritual needs. Thereafter, we re-integrate children to a secure environment with a suitable adult caregiver within a family set-up after a comprehensive assessment.


  • Loving kindness for children as Jesus loved children and also reaching out to many people to bring them to the love of God.
  • Bring Christian values to children and parents and entire community.
  • Promotion of children dignity and well being
  • Teamwork
  • Commitment
  • Transparency and accountability
  • Humility in service

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