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Agape Mitaboni Academy was founded in 2015 in the under-served areas of rural Kenya,Machakos county.Our purpose is to transform children lives through education.The school provides quality education in a human friendly environment with excellent volunteer teaching and support staff.Agape is focused on being an oasis of hope to the people living within Machakos county –Kenya.

The school offers government approved curriculum for primary education ,with learning opportunities for both boys and girls.It targets children of ages 3 yrs old to ensure they get their wings and enable them to fly their own desired destinies at Agape and beyond. We seek to give the necessary support to the children need to reach their full potential in life.

Our holistic education has an excellent academic base and strong Christian ethos. Our children are mentored on issues affecting the areas around populace and beyond, while their talents are equally nurtured. As we endeavor to mold their future, we seek to share responsibilities with parents and guardians.

We currently have a population of 156 boys and girls ages 3-13 yrs old, these are from babycare, Pre-primary 1-Grade 8.The school offers breakfast at 10 am and lunch at 1 pm from Monday to Friday.

Our Featured Programs
School Feeding Program

A warm nutritious meal is provided every day in school. This enables the children to gain a basic education that would allow them to escape from poverty. 

Save The Children

Our lives are the greatest blessings to us by God who is the ultimate power behind each and every thing; we all are vulnerable people and children are the little

Teaching Program

The school has a baby care and pre-school unit, and 8 classes, from grade 1 to class 8. We have 7 teachers who teach the following subjects (English, Swahili, Mathematics,

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide ,physical, medical, psychological,educational and spiritual needs.We demonstrate Gods love to all these vulnerable and orphaned children and serve God through them until they realize their full talents and gifting