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Our children, and the Primary School

Our children are located in the Orphans Home in Mitaboni (Machakos).

All children go to school. The youngest ones are in baby care and pre-school in the school itself. 

The facilities were built in 2013. The school includes a baby care room, a kitchen area, an office, a small chicken farm, a big play ground, a greenhouse. The facilities need renovation.

The school has a baby care and pre-school unit, and 8 classes, from class 1 to class 8. Education is given by 7 teachers (English, Swahili, Mathematics, Social , etc). On Friday afternoon children go for sports activities, usually on a field in the slum area.

Currently (situation June 2016) about 100 girls/boys are in class 1 to 8 (68 girls and 75 boys if we include the ones in preschool/nursery).

The school consists of various small teaching rooms, offices for direction and staff, a kitchen, toilets and a small central play ground. The ground floor is built in stone materials and forms the support for a second level built in wood.

The children come to school from Monday to Friday, from early morning to 6 pm. They spend the day at school and have simple meals per day. A lot of them also come on Sunday, after church, to do exercises and to meet up with their friends.


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